Keje is a womenswear brand founded in 2023 by Nava Naeini and Berivan Vatandost. After graduating and gaining experience in the fashion/Photography/Styling field, Nava and Berivan decided to create their own label.

Kejê’s pieces are a mixture of vintage and classic style and represent both eastern and western style.

Keje represens a woman who is very feminine, confident in her own skin and fierce. Being comfortable and sexy at the same time is the key to her wardrobe.
She wears light and breathable clothes.
In the day time with her outifit she can go shopping,brunch with her friends, the beach and continue her night life with a little bit of a change.

The collection feels more like an escape to the beachside, countryside and gathering with the ones who warms your heart up.

The items are designed and made in Istanbul, the home of magic and mystery .